It’s about time!!! and March’s box :)

I know it's been a long time coming and way over due but I'm finally posting! YAY!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying and loving their March Boxes! I decided to go with the theme of Ireland as most of you guessed from the picture I posted on our Facebook page. From the time I was little until I was old enough to start traveling I always pictured Ireland as a place for super old and hairy drunken men and sheep herders (sorry but it's true!). But now, after looking into the history of Ireland and finding gorgeous pictures, I've realized it's a beautiful and breathtaking place! So I decided on the names for these gorgeous polishes for this month from places, people and destinations of Ireland and themes for this month such as our mini bottle of Feelin' Lucky and others like Molly Malone, Irish Pub, Pot of Gold, Irish Seas, Copper Mine, Giant's Causeway, Mardi Gras(this month's happening also) and Rainbow Bright's Revenge(for fun!).

Keep watching on the blog for more updates and a giveaway coming very soon!!! :)

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